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The Seed Library

In partnership with the Goldston Public Library and the Chatham County NC State Extension Office, we have created the Goldston Seed Library to serve the community and help provide more access to fresh foods and beautiful flowers.

The Seed Library allows Chatham County residents to check out seeds and provides information and materials to help start a home garden. Residents can also donate seeds, make copies of gardening resources, and take recipe cards.

Seeds are available on a first-come first-served basis and are sorted into two categories: vegetables/herbs and flowers.


We hope to further grow and develop this project by expanding the library, its resources, and provide garden/nutrition related programs for the community.

Seed Library

Seed Stories!

Do you have a story about a food plant that is meaningful to you? Maybe one your family has grown for years or something you got from a farm stand every fall. Perhaps, you remember a food plant from you or your families ancestral homelands that you long to taste again. If so, please share it with us! We want the seed library to connect community members with forgotten foodways.


Fill out the form below to share your Seed Story!

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